Berkhamsted Orangery

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Project Overview:

The Berkhamsted Orangery project was a multi-stage endeavour aimed at creating a stunning orangery/extension that seamlessly integrated with the existing property.


Project LeadBruce, Jake
LocationBerkhamsted, Hertfordshire
TimelineTwo Months - Phase One

Project Goals:

Phase One: Foundation and Structure

The initial stage involved the efforts of our Construction/Groundworks team. Their tasks included creating an opening in the exterior wall, fitting steel beams for structural support, digging and pouring the foundation providing a solid base for the orangery.

Building up with carefully matched bricks ensured seamless integration with the existing property's aesthetics.

The client contracted a third-party company to manufacture and install the orangery itself. Upon completion of their work, our team returned to construct the cheek walls, seamlessly connecting the orangery to the house. We then relayed the patio, ensuring a cohesive transition between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Phase Two: Completion and Finishing Touches

Scheduled for later this year, the second phase of the project will see our carpentry, plumbing, electrical, and decorating teams begin their work.

Their tasks include installing underfloor heating and flooring, wiring lighting and power sockets, plastering, painting, and adding all finishing fixtures and fittings.

Transforming the Berkhamsted Orangery into a functional and inviting space for the homeowners to enjoy.

Involved Divisions:

Throughout the entirety of the Berkhamsted Orangery project, collaboration among various divisions within our team was paramount to its success. Each division played a crucial role in bringing the client's vision to fruition.

Effective project management served as the backbone, coordinating efforts and maintaining project timelines.

This collaborative approach, coupled with the dedication and expertise of our team members, resulted in a Berkhamsted Orangery that stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence.

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