Bourne End Garden Office

Bonell Property Renovation Portfolio Case Study

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Project Overview:

The Bourne End garden office project was a unique addition to a loft conversion build undertaken by Bonell Property Renovation.

Though initially a separate project, it seamlessly integrated with the overall renovation plan, showcasing our ability to manage multiple tasks concurrently while maintaining the highest standards of craftsmanship.


Project LeadMatt (Carpentry Division)
TimelineUnder One Month
Size100 sq ft

Project Goals:

The primary objective was to construct a bespoke garden office within a specified budget, competing with specialised companies in garden office construction.

Additionally, our aim was to enhance the aesthetics of the garden area, ensuring a harmonious integration of the new structure with its surroundings.

Involved Divisions:

The success of this project relied on the collaborative efforts of various divisions within our team. Groundwork specialists laid the foundation, electricians ensured seamless power supply, while our skilled carpenters took the lead in bringing the client’s vision to life.

Effective project management played a crucial role in coordinating these efforts and maintaining project timelines.

Challenges and Solutions:

Despite the additional complexities of integrating the garden office with an ongoing loft conversion, we successfully completed the project within the specified timeframe of one month.

Throughout the construction process, we encountered challenges typical of such endeavours, including material upgrades and client-requested modifications.

However, our proactive approach to problem-solving ensured that these challenges were swiftly addressed without compromising the project’s integrity or exceeding the budget.

Client Satisfaction:

The satisfaction of our clients is paramount, and we are proud to report that the end result exceeded their expectations.

By accommodating upgrades within the budget and maintaining transparent communication throughout the project, we fostered a positive working relationship with the client.

Their approval of certain material upgrades, such as the doors, demonstrated their confidence in our expertise and dedication to delivering superior quality.